Brain dumping ecosystem

Dumping noise every now and then here is nice, but I felt I needed something more to better offload stuff. Community spaces are not meant to hold streams of consciousness, notes and creative productions. Also private personal journaling and note-taking could often benefit from sharing. So I am expanding this weird digital garden with new zones:

  • Brain dump : microblog, personal instance of Mitra, federated on the fediverse @cirku17@mitra.manueldorso.rip. It’s meant to hold some noise and fragmented, ephemeral material that would be out of place on community instances. The content’s language is mixed.
  • Second brain dump : as in the dump of the second brain, which is a public Obsidian vault built with Obsidian Digital Garden. The content’s language is italian.

I will also probably upload some noise tracks on an italian Funkwhale instance, Stereo, when I get enough tracks together.

This space will be the main landing domain and hold links, conventional blog content, rare updates like this one and occasional aggregation of materials from brain dumps in english.

For now, everything is a nice blank canvas.